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After confirming you have a qualifying medical condition, Dr. Folgueras will provide you with a written certification that allows you to purchase cannabis at a state-certified dispensary.

Schedule an appointment

  • Must have proof of diagnosis with a state-approved medical condition. You can request your medical records by completing a medical records release form and sending it to your doctor. Once the records are ready, your doctor can fax them directly to Dr. Folgueras or hold onto them until the appointment day.
  • In Pennsylvania and Maryland patients should register via their state’s patient registry before their appointment to expedite the process.
  • Please have your medical records with proof of diagnosis during the pre-screening process.
  • The Compassionate Care discount listed is extended only to Military Veterans.
  • Please understand that Dr. Folgueras has the right to change appointments to a mutually agreed-upon time according to her travel schedule.
  • Patients can register via their state’s registry before the appointment.

During your medical marijuana evaluation

Dr. Folgueras will review the patient’s medical history and ask about past treatment methods they have used. With her expertise and medical judgment, she will determine if medical marijuana will provide therapeutic benefits for her patients. If Dr. Folgueras approves a patient’s treatment, they will be registered with Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program. Dr. Folgueras accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as a payment method.